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In the Works…

Well, I shopped around a story about a zombie until I had collected enough rejections to wallpaper my office. Okay, not nearly that many, but quite a few. Most were positive and of the rare “personal rejection” variety. For those… Read More ›

Putting Off Your Trunk Novel

 Our critique group after-parties have been great fodder for blog posts lately. Hopefully my fellow writers don’t mind – all names will be withheld to protect the not-so-innocent. The many accomplished and skilled writers at the table were trading stories… Read More ›

Who am I Writing For?

Recently, I read a fantastic post by fellow NBWCG writer Annie Neugebauer about her take on “brutal honesty.” We had some disagreements on semantics, but overall, had a similar take on the issue. Critique should be delivered with poise and not include… Read More ›

This is the End

At our weekly crit group after party, one of our genius writers (who keeps managing to stay ahead of his sworn nemesis and avoid assassination) mentioned that “The End” would be a great song to wrap up a movie. I… Read More ›

Slush Floater

A question popped up on my twitter feed from @KimmieAnnWrites asking for opinions on traditional and self publishing. As a new writer, I’m still forming my opinion but my biggest concern is the time to market for traditional publishing and… Read More ›

Dawn of Worlds

If you didn’t know, I’m a total geek. I have dice with more than six sides which I use to play games other than Craps or Monopoly. I have a small collection of metal miniatures which I use to represent… Read More ›

Digital Camping

Aside from my creative pursuits, I serve as Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout Troop. All politics and bone-headed decisions aside (I see no reason to discriminate against kids OR adults) scouting is a wonderful organization where kids get to… Read More ›

How not to Blog

More wonderful advice from DFWCon was flung at me than I could possibly absorb. I’m still reeling at the impact. The result is, I’m standing over my manuscript, bloody scalpel in hand, doing a thorough divination of the entrails. No,… Read More ›