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How not to Blog

More wonderful advice from DFWCon was flung at me than I could possibly absorb. I’m still reeling at the impact. The result is, I’m standing over my manuscript, bloody scalpel in hand, doing a thorough divination of the entrails. No,… Read More ›

Writers Make Money?!?

Back from the DFWcon writing conference¬†and carrying a mixture of motivation and dread. I got excellent advice from the classes I attended and from my consultation. It was inspirational but at the same time hammered home exactly how much work… Read More ›

Excuses, Excuses

So this week I planned to write more about the business side of creative work, however it’s going to have to wait until next week. Tomorrow is DFWCon, a pretty big writing con here in the Dallas area. I’ve got… Read More ›

Deductions and other Arcana

Alright, you’ve determined your creative endeavor qualifies as a business: you’re pursuing profit; you’ve got a way to track your sales and expenses that involves more than stuffing receipts in your glove box; and, most importantly, you’ve got the right… Read More ›

Lost in Revisions

Well, I’m not lost narratively. I’m lost in the process and haven’t been posting much blog-wise. I’m actually enjoying it. Tightening things, getting stuff just right. I think I might have rushed the end because I was looking forward to… Read More ›