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It’s hard to believe it’s been eleven years. Checking my Twitter feed, one of my fellow North Branch Crit Group writers posted the following: Kelsey Macke‏@KelsNotChels 11 years ago the towers fell, as did our jaws… and our tears. My song was my gift…. Read More ›

Writers be Brave!

I’m currently working on the beginning of my novel – going back over the first draft (only maybe half way through the whole thing ATM) to maybe polish it a tad before I submit to the FenCon Writer’s Workshop. I’m stoked… Read More ›

Table Top Plots

Surf on over to You Tube and check out Wil Wheaton’s webcast called “Table Top”. He has an excellent episode about an RPG rules-light game called Fiasco. And yes, that’s a writer or two at his table (John Rogers, the screenwriter for… Read More ›


So I have become the focal point of a worldwide conspiracy. The tentacles of this cabal stretch far and wide, encircling the planet in a shroud of horror Cthulhu would be envious of. For three days now, I have not… Read More ›

Mind the Gap

Welcome to my writing blog. Careful as you step in, that first step is a doozy. Last person that missed it was sucked into the frightening corners of my imagination. In fact, I nearly missed that step myself. At what… Read More ›