Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Books aren't all that great for a mobile lifestyle. They're heavy. Awkward to store. And those glorious displays of leather, or matte and glossy spines on open shelves would never survive the four point magnitude earthquake of going from place to place. You could fill your cupboards with them (if properly secured). But why bother … Continue reading Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Wookies and Vibrators

Another weekend, another game night. A friend of mine enjoys hosting board game extravaganzas. He'll invite everyone he knows to a board game night in hopes of playing DJ at some kind of Mountain Dew fueled rave where everyone's slinging card-stock and polyhedrals until the wee hours. At times, he's drawn crowds big enough he … Continue reading Wookies and Vibrators

A Break from the Trenches

Sold a couple books yesterday. An animal or wild toddler happened to poop in the neighborhood pool and our residents were all over it on our neighborhood Facebook group. I offered an indoor option for summer entertainment instead of swimming in poo.  A couple neighbors decided a good book on the couch is better than … Continue reading A Break from the Trenches

Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay

Lots of geekery as of late. Last weekend it was the renn faire. There, I saw a landing party that was either really far off course or had slingshot around the sun and travelled back in time. Either way, interesting to see some trekkies wandering the streets of Scarborough. One of these days, I'll break … Continue reading Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay

International Table Top Day

When I'm not writing, or spending time with the family, I'm geeking out in one fashion or another. Last Saturday was International Table Top Day, a day to celebrate a quintessential form of geekery - board games. After a late night writing session around midnight, a fellow author and I decided to kick off celebrations early. … Continue reading International Table Top Day

Dawn of Worlds

If you didn't know, I'm a total geek. I have dice with more than six sides which I use to play games other than Craps or Monopoly. I have a small collection of metal miniatures which I use to represent characters in imaginary worlds and several shelves of books filled with fantastic illustrations and copious … Continue reading Dawn of Worlds