Cancer couldn’t kill him but Ace’s plan just might…

Early reviews are in! You won't want to put this down until you've read the last page. -  5 star Goodreads Review I suspect this is just the start of a wild roller-coaster ride for readers, so hold on tight! - 5 star Goodreads Review Book Two of Ace Grant, Demon Slayer is Now Available! Ace has a plan: Surrender … Continue reading Cancer couldn’t kill him but Ace’s plan just might…

Plea Bargain available for Pre-Order!

Book two in the Ace Grant, Demon Slayer series is now available for eBook pre-order. (Paperbacks are in the pipeline but will need proofing, etc. first.) Early ARC reader reports are very promising, which is a HUGE relief. At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to release five books. I'm only at four … Continue reading Plea Bargain available for Pre-Order!

Blood Harvest – Paperback Proofs are here!

Always a good day when you get a book in the mail, especially when it happens to have your name on the cover... The ugly "not for resale" proof band aside, this beauty was almost ready for shelves. A minor glitch inside had thrown the pages off, starting chapter one on the left (which is … Continue reading Blood Harvest – Paperback Proofs are here!

Wait!?! I have a blog?

A little embarrassing, but I just logged into ye olde website and saw my last post was in April with the release of Crimson Son 4: Legacy. As I type, I'm also noticing WordPress has seriously updated their interface. It's like I've traveled forward in time and woken to a new reality. A started a … Continue reading Wait!?! I have a blog?

Spencer’s Last Shot at a Legacy…

Here it is at last! One powerless misfit hacker's chance to secure his Legacy. If you haven't gotten tickets yet for Avengers: Endgame, this will be the best way to spend your weekend, promise. If you HAVE gotten tickets, you'll need a fix to keep that superhero high going and avoid nasty withdrawal symptoms. Either … Continue reading Spencer’s Last Shot at a Legacy…

Spencer doesn’t know the word “quit” why should I?

Johnny Morrow delivers a fantastic cover - again. This is what a kidney, section of your liver, and a quart of plasma will buy... Kidding, of course about the organ donations. When the Kickstarter fell short, I had to do what I always do and hustle my ass off to make this work. If you … Continue reading Spencer doesn’t know the word “quit” why should I?

Only Three Days Left!

Not knowing a thing about crowdfunding, when I started this Kickstarter project, I had no clue what to expect. The outpouring of support has been nothing but inspirational and I want to again thank everyone that has contributed, shared, and even dropped by the Kickstarter page. Spencer's final book needs a fancy suit. Dad's spandex … Continue reading Only Three Days Left!