Not Exactly Common

I wanted to vlog today but the weather happened. From sixty degrees to freezing in a matter of days, we've got an official snow day here in North Texas. Well, "inclement weather" day. Snow is uncommon. A thing of myth and legend. How might weather stop me from Vlogging you ask? There are people here. Like, … Continue reading Not Exactly Common

Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

I'm continuing along my brave quest into recently discovered indie frontiers. I'm shamelessly following a path blazed by the Immerse or Die report over at Creativity Hacker. That path is littered with the husks of cast off self-pub works which strike the ground every eight minutes or so. Of about 150 books, only 17 have survived … Continue reading Oooh! Shiny! Synchronizers!

No Shade, Plenty of Darkness

Finally! Things can get back to normal around here. Me, being geeky. You, ROTFL at my amazing wit. Admiring my incredible insight into literature and geekdom and whatever else I have bamboozled you into believing I am an expert of. But first, a quick thank you to everyone that retweeted, reposted, bought, borrowed, stole (okay, … Continue reading No Shade, Plenty of Darkness

Good Pulp in a Digital World

Let's face it: there is a lot of self published material out there that should have never seen the light of day. Self-pub can be a digital slush pile where you, the reader, are expected to pan for the gold. But I think the gold rush mentality is changing. People are finding out that slapping a book together … Continue reading Good Pulp in a Digital World

Crawling Up Your Own Wormhole

I've seen two movies lately, Fury and Interstellar. They both have similar problems which, as a writer, disappointed me. I didn't know this going to either movie, but when the credits rolled and I considered the uneven experience I had with each movie, I noticed that they were both written and directed by the same person. … Continue reading Crawling Up Your Own Wormhole

From One White Dude to a Bunch of Other White Dudes

I listened to Kay's River of Stars as an audiobook on my trip to World Fantasy in Washington D.C. With a 20 plus hour drive ahead of me, I needed a super-sized serving of literature to fill the time. 656 pages and a Chinese dynasty fit the bill. Audio isn't necessarily the best way to … Continue reading From One White Dude to a Bunch of Other White Dudes

Riches to Ruins in Five Hours

This last weekend I broke away from all the self promotion so I could get my boardgame on. Our appetizer for the evening was Machi Koro, a light, city-building card game with an element of randomness thrown in via two six-siders. You build your city by paying for cards which represent different industries. Each card has a … Continue reading Riches to Ruins in Five Hours

A Review of Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land

I've been reading a lot lately. Quite a bit of what I read is critique level reading. First or second draft type of things. It's a hazard of being involved in a writer's community and accepting their invaluable advice. A Faustian bargain of sorts. You read my shit, I'll read yours. I mention this because I've … Continue reading A Review of Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Land

Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Okay everyone, squeeze in. Yes, Mikey, I'm aware Great Grandpa Gary is wrinkly and smells like cheese, but you have to be in the picture. What's that, Grandma Ada? Something in your eye? Okay, I can wait. Oh, c'mon, not the botched spine surgery story again, Uncle Cook! Can't you just stand for one second. Mikey, … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Why can’t we Duct Tape the Nuke Trigger?

Fencon, a local sci-fi and fantasy convention is write around the corner (Wow. Yes, I did just right that). I attended last year and even signed up for the workshop with Karl Schroeder. Somewhere, buried in the posts, there are even a couple blurbs about my experience. Good con, good workshop and I walked away … Continue reading Why can’t we Duct Tape the Nuke Trigger?