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Hello, my name is Russ Linton and I’m an author. Actually, that isn’t quite right. I’m an explorer and I often invite people along on my excursions. I’ve got another one about to depart, free of charge. Interested? Read on…

Journey to a unique world best described as a conversation between Tolkien and Kafka on the Ganges – epic fantasy in a bronze age civilization with a bugman acolyte who can’t seem to figure out if he’s human or not. Too strange? Take a dark dive into the conspiracy-driven Crimson Son Universe where civilians and weaponized humans alike suffer the fallout of a top secret program gone awry.

Truth is, even if I wanted to herd you onto an overcrowded tour bus and head to Disneyland, we’d never make it. There’d be side roads. Dirt, gravel, blood, a touch of magic. All conjured without the approval and backing of your friendly neighborhood megacorporation. Come on, hop on board. You won’t regret it and there are so many worlds left to see!

Thank you for your interest in my fiction,