He’s a bug. She’s an outcast. The fate of humanity rests in their hands.

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Sidge is an Ek’Kiru, a bugman, whose people are more often pressed into servitude than taught to channel the fire of the Stormblade Temple. Kaaliya is a palace courtesan who only wants to escape the caste forced upon her and a previous life foraged from the middens of civilization. Together they hold the key to an unspeakable power lost in the ancient forges of the sorcerers known as the Jadugar.

These two strangers’ fates intertwine at the closing of the Age of Man. Mighty storm dragons ignite the sky. Ancient mountain peaks hover high above the eastern sea calling out the final mantra. And the shapeless entity known as Alshasra’a plans the new face of creation.

The gods have passed judgment and all is to be unmade. Before the end, Sidge and Kaaliya will uncover the secrets to confront them but will they choose salvation or vengeance?