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The Crimson Mask has fallen. Spencer and his allies have been scattered across the globe. In the wake of Aurora’s final expression of grief, the United States has suffered a massive blackout. Imprisoned in a country on the verge of martial law, Spencer accepts help from the wily and ruthless C.E.O. of Nanomech. He makes a bargain to become what he’s always feared and loathed – The Black Beetle.

His father gone, this is not a time for heroes. This is a time for revenge. Spencer must find a way to deal with his father’s loss and prevent his quest for vengeance from consuming him. New Augments will rise to test his mettle, and one may just save him from himself.




fantastic worlds, unique perspectives

Lost sagas about bugman monks on holy pilgrimages. A world of weaponized humans where powerless civilians are caught in the crossfire. Fantastic worlds of fantasy and science fiction explored through unexpected perspectives.

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The Crimson Son Universe

Locked away in the Icehole, the powerless son of the world’s greatest superhero tries to find a way to escape his father’s shadow. Haunted by a tragic past and pursued by a ruthless supervillain, Spencer must navigate a world of weaponized humans and deadly robots to prove himself and uncover his mother’s fate.
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Five tales of a weapons program gone awry. Augments, weaponized humans, were created to end the great wars but they soon took their fights into the shadows through covert operations and proxy wars in the service of the states that created them. One by one, they break free of their handlers, the quiver emptying.
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The Avengers meets Mr. Robot in this thrilling superhero universe. Advance readers have called the evil mastermind’s plans for digital domination “scary brilliant and hopefully just fantasy”. But will it become Spencer’s new reality? Buy your copy today and find out!
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The Stormblade Saga

Book One
Long forgotten gods have passed judgment on the Age of Man. Sidge, a pious orphan, must unravel a lost past to understand their divine will. But first, he needs humanity to see him as more than a slave.
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Book Two
The Jadugar is scheming. Kaaliya knows the look in his eyes. When he proclaims himself Sidge’s sponsor for the pilgrimage, the royal court is in an uproar – a bugman elevated to the ranks of Cloud Born?
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Book Three
The warnings are clear: the Age of Man is nearing an end. Battle lines are drawn. Gods roam free. An outcast and a slave are their only hope, but who, in the end, do they serve?
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Russ Linton has done a lot of stuff in his life. Philosopher, stay at home father, graphic designer, cryptocurrency miner, and yes, even government agent. But what he enjoys most is imagining fantastic places and exploring them through unique, and sometimes odd, perspectives.

A bugman acolyte raised by human monks on the edge of an eternal storm? Check. A powerless hacker punching above his weight class in a world of superheroes? Double check.

If you’ve come looking for more of the same, well, that’s one thing he doesn’t do.

Most of all, he likes to invite others along for these journeys. Hop aboard. No telling where he’ll take you next.





  • Praise for Pilgrim of the Storm – “…It was really easy to find something to connect and empathize with in the main character Sidge…his interactions with all the humans he ran into over the course of his journey made me want to laugh and cry for him in equal parts. I think it’s probably some of the best characterization I’ve read in awhile. Right now I would probably rate this as one of the top 5 books I’ve read so far this year. Russ Linton has once again proven what a great author he is and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series.”

    Shane Jardine – The Arched Doorway 10 out of 10!

  • High marks for Empty Quiver – “Linton takes the horror of the atomic bomb’s emergence in WWII and transforms it into the emergence of laboratory-grown super soldiers — but with similarly horrific consequences and the same desperate global struggle to cram the genie back into the bottle afterward. It gives the entire story world a grittiness and gravitas that we rarely see in superhero stories. And that darkness makes it chilling.”

    Jefferson Smith of Immerse or Die

  • The debut review of Russ Linton’s debut novel, Crimson Son – “This bright, quirky fantasy, gives “superhero” a whole new meaning… The world Russ creates is so real, so believable, that you’re left wanting more of this character driven, action packed book.”

    The Author Visits – 5 Star Review

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