All_These_Shiny_Worldsincludes my short story


The following stories were originally sold to online markets several years back. Many of these links are now dead. When I get the chance, I’ll post them here on the site and link them for free.

TempestShort Story – Fantasy

Trickster – Flash – Literary

Grandpa in a Box – Short Story – Humor

“The Precarious Perch of Lookout County” – Short Story – Weird West

Anachronistic – Short Story – Science Fiction / Dystopian


Writer at Medium

Former Contributor at GeekDad

Australia & South Pacific Destinations > Introductory overview on the Solomon Islands

Game Review: Adventure Chronicles

Ghost Writing – Local Real Estate Blog (December 2010 through June 2011)

College Courses & Majors > Careers in criminal justice for veterans
Purchased through (Ghost writing, buyer unknown.)

Job outlook for clinical laboratory specialists
Purchased through (Ghost writing, buyer unknown.)