Grave Sacrifice

eBook 4.99 Paperback – 12.99

Fresh out of prison, Ace returns to Saint Augustine to find that his victory over the Sunset King has fueled unintended consequences. The dead wander the streets of the ancient city, and it’s up to him to stop them from dragging away the population, one by one.

But can he do it alone? His new partner, Araceli, continues to cling to her secrets. History buff Caleb isn’t ready for primetime when it comes to facing the forces of evil. And Atofo? His crude mentor is MIA as the dead patrol the streets.

Ace can only rely on his magic and the mysterious force known as Kibaga’s Cloak. But even those magics have been affected by the necromantic wave.

With no way to hold back the disease ravaging his insides, this might just be Ace’s final mission. Only a grave sacrifice will see him through. But is he ready to pay the price?