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  • Bad Gas

    My weekend got out of control and I had less time to prep for the regular short story posting today. I thought it best if we check in with our fearless Captain and see what he’s been doing while being missing in action for so long…

  • The Painted Owl

    An owl flies in front of a swollen sunrise

    These commands tell a story, her father had told her as he traced the filament’s path along the printer’s hidden inner workings and to the jet. She’d been mesmerized by how the owl materialized with each looping pass. From this thread, we borrow just enough of creation’s endless weave to tell our tale. This is the way of the Sutradhars. It will be yours, too.

  • More Bumps in the Road

    Forest Road in Rock Creek Wilderness, Oregon

    My once established daily schedule just hit a few potholes. We’re fast approaching our departure from the ridiculously beautiful Oregon coast. Next week, I’ll need to be at the helm again setting off for parts unknown. Due to launch preparations… Read More ›

  • A Priori

    Overpass Entanglement

    A bit of flash fiction about living life on the edge. Speculative? Maybe not for long. Maybe it’s what awaits us all…

  • No Free Fiction Today

    This weekend was a holiday for the U.S. but that’s not my excuse. Writers don’t get holidays…

  • Dispatch

    They could not have predicted our return from the Beyond. A deep past they’d gathered only dim reflections of. Our purpose? To herald their greatness…

  • The Caretaker

    An encounter in a remote campground leads to the unraveling of one man’s reality…

  • Could She Wear Their Skin

    The station opened her eyes.

    Machines whirred, the only sign of life in a still world. A beep filled the air like a delicate bell. It would sound again inside her for another summer, untended by her crew…

  • War Has No Future

    War has no future. Armed conflict is the final tool of Empires and Nations. Anachronisms in an age of empowered people. Our future lies with you…

  • Sitrep – It’s a SNAFU!

    My big writing update this week? Another short story accepted!