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  • Thrilling Update: Setting Reveal

    This update is all about my latest publishing project. That project will also take some time, but I’ve got a lot more say over the scheduling. Book one of this thriller series is currently at 35,000 words. A solid start for what will be a three book release with more on the way…

  • To the Crew We’ve Lost Along the Way

    This post is long overdue. In May, our faithful science officer, Alfie went on to explore the greater wilds beyond this sprawling universe…

  • Be Prepared – More than a Motto

    Yesterday, I hiked the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Two days earlier, a hiker died nearby…

  • Thrilling Update

    So there’s the news. I’ve got a thriller series currently in the works. I’ll start with three books hopefully ready for release by 2023…

  • They Call This a Trail – New Hampshire

    Before we even arrived at the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, I was warned by a fellow traveler to make sure and purchase the state’s safe hiking card. That way, if I was injured in the backcountry and… Read More ›

  • Miles to go? New England

    I’d meant to post updates of our yearly migration but as always, the blog got sidelined. At the start of the year, I spent far more time than is healthy rearranging our finances. We’ve managed to cobble together a modest… Read More ›

  • Diary of a Climate Nomad – Texas

    Texas - Lost in Tradition, Running out of Time

    “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute,” has been the Texas punchline for decades. Having lived in the state for over twenty years, I can attest to the wild swings in temperature. Every January, I got used… Read More ›

  • Dry Dock


    An odd time where my house hibernates next to my boyhood home. The driver’s side window staring down into the kitchen like the eye of a great leviathan peering into the past…

  • Always on the Move

    Red Rocks at Lake Mead

    We pulled into Lake Mead last week, our little oasis in the desert. Coming back, I realize how much I loved this place the first time. It’s enchanting. The landscape this unrefined, unfinished sandbox of the gods. Ancient and wrinkled and weathered, scarred with jagged valleys and craggy heights, the lake rests like a gem on a mummified neck uncovered in some primordial tomb…

  • Nomad Update: Back on the Trails

    With all the traveling, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get back to Montana.

    The trails there will spoil you. Catch them in the spring and they’re a riot of color bathed in a sun so close the warmth burns through even the chilliest breeze. It was there I really found my hiking and backpacking mojo..