A Transformation Long in the Making – Luke Cage Season Two

When Luke Cage first debuted on Netflix, even a jaded media consumer could tell we were witnessing a change. For too many years media conglomerates called the shots based on faulty assumptions of what would "work" and what wouldn't using superficial metrics and interpretations of data skewed by ignorance. Then a small but tenacious media … Continue reading A Transformation Long in the Making – Luke Cage Season Two

The Road Ahead

  For our latest trip in Discovery, I wrote a fairly general post about encountering difficulties along the way. I'd meant to give my typical Captain's Log entry (or First Officer...there's likely some debate and a brewing mutiny) but as it turned out, I didn't have time. This was our first real test. Embarking from … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Books aren't all that great for a mobile lifestyle. They're heavy. Awkward to store. And those glorious displays of leather, or matte and glossy spines on open shelves would never survive the four point magnitude earthquake of going from place to place. You could fill your cupboards with them (if properly secured). But why bother … Continue reading Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Bumps and Bruises? All Part of the Journey…

Every day on the road with Discovery we learn something new. For instance, did you know the side mirror is exactly six feet off the ground? I’m six foot two… I’ve been bludgeoned by this reality multiple times now. Each stop requires a walk around check and my eyes are always lower to the ground. … Continue reading Bumps and Bruises? All Part of the Journey…

False Dichotomy in Culture Wars: Disney Strikes Back

As I've made pretty clear, I am not a fan of the recent Star Wars trilogy. I'm aware of the social minefield this places me in. I must hate these movies because I am racist, misogynist or both. A spoiled fan boy who won't share his toys. For the record, I simply think they are … Continue reading False Dichotomy in Culture Wars: Disney Strikes Back

Calculating for the Newb Factor

Tomorrow we drive to Minnesota for my son's college orientation, our first real road test. Nine hundred and thirty eight miles, the oracles at Google tell us we'll be on the road for 13 hours and 45 minutes. Unfortunately, they don't have an option for "RV Time." It would take a pretty simple algorithm tweak … Continue reading Calculating for the Newb Factor

Feeling Overwhelmed? Think of This Guy…

Mark Watney ain't got nothing on Opportunity. His 90 day mission is going on the sixteenth year. Sixteen years. That's sixty four times the intended life expectancy. Over that time he's sampled soil, sent back 225,000 breathtaking pictures, traveled 28 miles, and clawed his crippled, blinded way out of trenches with one arthritic arm and … Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed? Think of This Guy…

Staying Connected

Toughest job on Discovery at the moment likely belongs to our communications officer. As mentioned, we aren't on perpetual vacation. We still need some way to pay for this adventure plus our recent graduate's college tuition. To make that happen, we require a reliable internet connection. The easiest method is to to locate an RV resort with … Continue reading Staying Connected

Working Holiday – Shuttle Bay Options for Discovery

Throughout this process I had intended to take pictures and, ambitiously, even considered a video. What I ended up with was one very drab photo which is probably for the best. (I'm not sure our antics overlayed with a sustained censor BLEEEEEEEEEEP would've been all that useful.)

The RV Time Continuum

Previously, I mentioned how our motorhome, Discovery, carries a pocket dimension, an extra-dimensional space sorta like the Tardis. What I hadn't realized is Discovery also has it's own rules for time as well. Maybe it's in the way it bends space which affects that continuum. Or the sheer mass hurtling down the highway gathers enough … Continue reading The RV Time Continuum