Updates on my nomadic life. Sometimes reflective, sometimes humorous, rarely useful.

Nomad Update: Back on the Trails

With all the traveling, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get back to Montana.

The trails there will spoil you. Catch them in the spring and they’re a riot of color bathed in a sun so close the warmth burns through even the chilliest breeze. It was there I really found my hiking and backpacking mojo..

What to Do with Your Poo – And Other Nomad Questions…

This year, RV purchases went wild and prices soared astronomically. #VanLife is trending. People are working remote, thinking about their options. It’s the post-COVID normal. But if you’re living and working in the great outdoors like me, the surge of new, inexperienced campers has posed some unique challenges…

Thoughts from a Nomad on Nomadland

If a person with no understanding of the nomad life walked away from this movie believing the lifestyle was a hellscape, I’d forgive them. There are bad aspects, just as in every human endeavor. But for me, this isn’t some tragic happening…

Giving Thanks in Isolation

I’m not an alarmist. And I don’t seek my answers from political pundits in matters of health and safety. I have my own biases, certainly. But when it comes to critically evaluating information, I seek the truth.

The truth is, I can’t go home….