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Can a misfit hacker finally fulfill an impossible legacy?

When his mother disappeared, Spencer went on a suicidal mission to find her.

When his father fell, he became the one thing he feared most.

Hacker misfit. Augment hunter. Now he’s got to figure out how to be what he never wanted to be: a hero.

With the world order crumbling and the rise of an Augment epidemic, Spencer and his unlikely crew of Not-So-Super Friends must confront the crisis which they helped unleash.

There’s Eric, a fellow hacker seduced by a digital revolution he struggles to control. Hound, an aging veteran who has lost his place in a rapidly changing world. Jackie, a newly minted speedster determined not to be just another Augment weapon like Ember her short-fused, fire-wielding mother. Throw in a couple former traitors and a clairvoyant mother who can’t seem to keep out of his headspace and this may just be Spencer’s last stand…

Spencer must make a team out of them and fast as their growing list of enemies tries to determine the fate of the world.

But can the powerless son of a superhero ever fulfill his father’s legacy? Read the exciting conclusion of the Crimson Son Universe, the superhero series that turns the genre on its head, and find out!

Praise for the Crimson Son Universe:

“This bright, quirky fantasy, gives “superhero” a whole new meaning…”

“Like an origami creation, he builds his tales in subtle layers, crisp folds of storytelling that make a shape far different than first expected.”

“A brilliant scary story that may well happen someday…”

“Russ Linton infuses his action-packed story with a genuine emotion that is often overlooked in tales like this.”

Suggested reading order for Crimson Son Universe:

Crimson Son
Empty Quiver (Short Story Collection)
Crimson Son 2: Motherland
Crimson Son 3: Ashes
Under the Flickering Light (standalone novel)
Crimson Son 4: Legacy