Forge of the Jadugar

Chapter One

Go forth, seek the corners where the Worldblood pooled in timeless dream

– Mantra of the Four Corners

On the eve of the Deep Night Festival, Sidge proves his right to the title of Cloud Born, and while Kaaliya bears witness to his triumph, she can’t help but notice the gleam of mischief in their patron’s eyes. The Jadugar is scheming.

Sidge and Izhar continue on their pilgrimage and find that each has their own ideas on how to secure the future of the Stormblade Temple. At Sidge’s insistence, they follow the mysterious Chuman into realms where mortals have not tread since the days of the first Attarah. Deep in the marshes of Sli’mir’s Realm, Sidge must face the terrifying truth about his Ek’kiru nature and confront a lie buried at the very foundations of the temple he has devoted his life to preserving.

In Stronghold, Kaaliya delves into the Jadugar’s carefully held secrets. But when commoner’s tales and legends grace the very sky, she embarks on her own journey only to find the past she is running from has finally caught up to her.

Forge of the Jadugar is the exciting sequel to Pilgrim of the Storm and the second book in the Stormblade Saga series. Book three, Wake of Alshasra’a, is scheduled for release in early 2017

NOTE: Print version will be available later next month.