Forge of the Jadugar

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The Jadugar is scheming. Kaaliya knows the look in his eyes. When he proclaims himself Sidge’s sponsor for the pilgrimage, the royal court is in an uproar – a bugman elevated to the ranks of Cloud Born?

Sidge and Izhar continue their pilgrimage. They quickly find that each has their own ideas on how to secure the future of the Stormblade Temple. At Sidge’s insistence, they follow the mysterious Chuman into the lost reaches of creation. Deep in the marshes, Sidge must face the terrifying truth about his true nature and confront a lie buried at the very foundations of the temple he has devoted his life to preserving.

In Stronghold, Kaaliya delves into the Jadugar’s carefully held secrets. But when commoner’s tales and legends grace the sky, she embarks on her own journey only to find the past she is running from has finally caught up to her.

Will they find a way to appease the gods before it is too late?

Forge of the Jadugar is the second book in the Stormblade Saga, a unique epic fantasy told in part from the unconventional perspective of a bugman priest. Poignant yet gritty, this saga provides a thoughtful new entry in the fantasy genre.

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