Pilgrim of the Storm

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Sidge knows the rituals of the Stormblade Temple in meticulous detail. He has mastered every word and phrase of the twelve thousand mantras. Sworn to protect mankind, he is a model acolyte in every way. Every way except one.

He isn’t human.

Sidge has never known his own people, an insectoid race more often used for menial labor than meditation. Adopted by an eccentric human mentor, the temple is his entire life. Yet for the other acolytes, his presence is an affront to their vigil against an ancient foe who once enslaved mankind.

Dark omens follow Sidge on his first pilgrimage. The Wisdom of the mighty storm dragon, Vasheru, seeks a new vessel to lead the temple and the most likely candidate sees Sidge as an abomination. He and his mentor begin a desperate attempt to compete for the title. But an encounter with a streetwise woman named Kaaliya sets off a chain of events millennia in the making which will reshape Sidge’s destiny – and the course of an entire age.

His first journey outside the temple walls will not only test Sidge’s faith but his sense of identity as he races to ensure his beloved temple does not fall into the wrong hands.

If you like character-driven plots, intricate world building, and want a refreshing spin on the typical epic fantasy, then you’ll love all three books of the Stormblade Saga. Buy Now to join Sidge on his Pilgrimage today!

Reviews for Pilgrim of the Storm

Fantasy Critic Shane Jardine of The Arched Doorway gives Pilgrim of the Storm 10 out of 10!
“…It was really easy to find something to connect and empathize with in the main character Sidge…his interactions with all the humans he ran into over the course of his journey made me want to laugh and cry for him in equal parts. I think it’s probably some of the best characterization I’ve read in awhile….Right now I would probably rate this as one of the top 5 books I’ve read so far this year and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new and a little different to read. Russ Linton has once again proven what a great author he is and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series.

Jefferson Smith of Immerse or Die

“…with IOD, my rule is that I stick with the story for as long as it holds my attention, even if it isn’t my usual bag. Today’s book took me out to visit those edges for a while, but I am very glad I stuck with it” “…the world is fascinating and well thought out.”

Charity Tober of Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars!

“Pilgrim of the Storm by Russ Linton is an entertaining and unique fantasy read.” “…Linton does a good job setting up and describing this new world and introducing readers to a huge cast of characters. Sidge is a resilient, likable, and also flawed protagonist; I liked how he was not all human but rather a humanoid being. I think this added to his character and made his interactions with others and his personal thoughts and reactions more interesting…I would recommend Pilgrim of the Storm by Russ Linton to fans of fantasy, adventure, action and science fiction genres.

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