Wake of Alshasra’a

eBook 3.99Paperback 14.99

The thrilling conclusion of the unique fantasy trilogy, The Stormblade Saga!

Betrayed by everything he once considered holy, Sidge struggles to arrange the pieces of his broken life. Addiction, grief, and an identity lost to the machinations of gods, he must find his true purpose or risk being an instrument of destruction.

Trapped where no mortal is meant to tread, Kaaliya begins her training as one of the Jadugar. But what is her mysterious mentor’s purpose? An old friend returned from the abyss, his confidence and swagger are not that of the shy boy she once knew. Or is he even a boy at all…

The warnings are clear: the Age of Man is nearing an end. Battle lines are drawn. Gods roam free. An outcast and a slave are their only hope, but who, in the end, do they serve?

Wake of Alshasra’a is the final book of the Stormblade Saga, an epic fantasy unlike any other. Buy your copy today!