Writing Update – 2021 The Year of Short Stories

Picking through the rubble of 2020 has led many to reflect on their current situation, self included. For some, it meant leaving their job. Starting a new career. Exercising more mindfulness. A little quiet contemplation in a (hopefully) more serene environment...

Wait!?! I have a blog?

A little embarrassing, but I just logged into ye olde website and saw my last post was in April with the release of Crimson Son 4: Legacy. As I type, I'm also noticing WordPress has seriously updated their interface. It's like I've traveled forward in time and woken to a new reality. A started a … Continue reading Wait!?! I have a blog?

Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Books aren't all that great for a mobile lifestyle. They're heavy. Awkward to store. And those glorious displays of leather, or matte and glossy spines on open shelves would never survive the four point magnitude earthquake of going from place to place. You could fill your cupboards with them (if properly secured). But why bother … Continue reading Putting Your Dreams In Storage…

Support Two Mighty Writing Charities

Heads up: You have just over 24 hours left to grab the Immerse or Die Bundle at Storybundle. And when you click this link and buy the bundle, I want you to MAKE SURE to select the dropdown box and pick a charity. 10% of your total will be donated to either Mighty Writers or Girls Write … Continue reading Support Two Mighty Writing Charities

Where Have All the Readers Gone?

I'm going to need to put Free Fiction Friday on hiatus while I focus on my work in progress. I've been so busy marketing Crimson Son, that I've fallen a couple months off schedule and for someone whose only deadline nazi is, well, me, I need to exercise some serious discipline. Today though, I want … Continue reading Where Have All the Readers Gone?

Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path

The talented poet, writer and teacher Angélique Jamail, sent me a list of questions to answer - questions about myself. Why anyone would want to know more about me is a bit surprising, but apparently people hop from blog to blog ferreting out interest factoids about people. My short answer is - I write, and write some … Continue reading Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path