Uncanny Blog Tour Day One

Behold! The insanity between my ears! Savor! The increasingly convoluted answers to the question "why did you become a writer?" Feel! No, on second thought, please look but don't touch anything...keep your hands inside the car at all times. Amazing! Astonishing! Uncanny! I never quite got why comic books would throw fancy adjectives in front of their titles like … Continue reading Uncanny Blog Tour Day One

October – The Month of ME!

Mumble-blather-mumble years ago, I was born on the 21st day of this month to two stunned, bewildered and freaked out parents. They had expected one giant baby. Instead, they got two medium babies. This was not a particularly high point for the universe, but having been crammed in a womb with another being, it was … Continue reading October – The Month of ME!

Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path

The talented poet, writer and teacher Angélique Jamail, sent me a list of questions to answer - questions about myself. Why anyone would want to know more about me is a bit surprising, but apparently people hop from blog to blog ferreting out interest factoids about people. My short answer is - I write, and write some … Continue reading Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

I was recently contacted by fellow writer Alex Chase and asked to participate in the "Next Big Thing" blog tour. Alex has some excellent stories in print with a shared publisher, Siren's Call Publications. If you haven't already, check out their series of anthologies for his work (and yours truly!)The blog tour is a series of questions … Continue reading The Next Big Thing Blog Tour