When Card Games can Script Your Superhero Movie

First thing: THE BUNDLE SALE ENDS THIS WEEK! Okay, got that out of my system. Now on to other things like gaming and probably the shortest most mixed review of Avengers you'll see on the 'Net. I finally got to break away from the keyboard and do geeky things. A few friends and I met up … Continue reading When Card Games can Script Your Superhero Movie

Wookies and Vibrators

Another weekend, another game night. A friend of mine enjoys hosting board game extravaganzas. He'll invite everyone he knows to a board game night in hopes of playing DJ at some kind of Mountain Dew fueled rave where everyone's slinging card-stock and polyhedrals until the wee hours. At times, he's drawn crowds big enough he … Continue reading Wookies and Vibrators

Books Defaced, Gaming Accomplished

Despite a few hiccups, we had a great turn out for the signing event. The cosplay contest sorta never went down though, which makes a bit sad. When we were planning the event, we didn't realize until much too late that we were conflicting with Dallas Comic Con Fan Days, which I'm sure drew a … Continue reading Books Defaced, Gaming Accomplished

A Break from the Trenches

Sold a couple books yesterday. An animal or wild toddler happened to poop in the neighborhood pool and our residents were all over it on our neighborhood Facebook group. I offered an indoor option for summer entertainment instead of swimming in poo.  A couple neighbors decided a good book on the couch is better than … Continue reading A Break from the Trenches