Rejection Numero Uno

I recently received a rejection in response to a query for my novel, Collateral Damage. I've been collecting them for short stories for a while, but this one is my first for the novel. It's oddly satisfying. At this stage, I've only begun the journey, so it feels a bit like the first awkward, necessary … Continue reading Rejection Numero Uno

What Color is Your Cape?

As is obvious, I've been neglecting my blog the past week. The really great, terrific, unbelievable news is that I got the first draft of my current major project done. 96k words which is about 20k over my first goal, but still a good range for a ummm...sci-fi-ish sort of book. Genre is a really … Continue reading What Color is Your Cape?

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour

I was recently contacted by fellow writer Alex Chase and asked to participate in the "Next Big Thing" blog tour. Alex has some excellent stories in print with a shared publisher, Siren's Call Publications. If you haven't already, check out their series of anthologies for his work (and yours truly!)The blog tour is a series of questions … Continue reading The Next Big Thing Blog Tour