You’ve Got to Treat It Right

Last time I mentioned the first steps of distinguishing your writing hobby from your writing business. Presumably, you've done that by now and want to know more about the things to do as a 'business owner'. No? Well, call your accountant. Go ahead. I'll wait... Seriously, I get it. Knowing when to declare that your … Continue reading You’ve Got to Treat It Right

The Business of Creating Stuff

Writing can be a wonderful hobby. Releasing those inner imaginings, freeing them into the wild, whether on public display or not can mean so many things on a personal level to the writer that publication is often an unnecessary or even undesirable thing. But for those writers seeking a professional standing, those baring their soul to the … Continue reading The Business of Creating Stuff


It's hard to believe it's been eleven years. Checking my Twitter feed, one of my fellow North Branch Crit Group writers posted the following: Kelsey Macke‏@KelsNotChels 11 years ago the towers fell, as did our jaws... and our tears. My song was my gift. It was an honor to give it. We've only met in person a few … Continue reading Remember