Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

How many writers can say they got the chance to enter a cage match with an editor? An editor that has rejected one of your precious stories in the past? An open invitation to kick and pummel them mercilessly before a crowd of other writers chanting for blood? I did exactly that. On Valentine's Day. Well, maybe … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection through Physical Violence

Fictional Work is Hard Work

I just found the easy part of self publishing. I headed over to Amazon to scope things out for the big release next week. I figured, as with everything thus far, that the process of officially publishing (digitally distributing?) would include much decision making and uploading and back and forth, etc. etc. Not so much. A … Continue reading Fictional Work is Hard Work

The Clams of the Wilderness

I've regained control of Fictional Work for the moment. Not sure how long I can fend off the constant attacks courtesy of Spencer's buddies at D3dm4n$ Ch3$t, but I'll try. The timing of the attack was pretty perfect, actually. I had just received the edits for Crimson Son and was pouring over the proposed changes and … Continue reading The Clams of the Wilderness

Acceptances and Beyond

by Tom Howard There’s nothing more exciting than digging through form letter rejects and finding one that says, “We love your story and would like to publish it.  Contract forthcoming.”  Some assign you an editor right away, some don’t touch the story after they’ve bought it.  There are probably as many different types of acceptances … Continue reading Acceptances and Beyond

Still Unresolved Sexual Tension

This is a continuation of last week's post. I'm going step by step through my typical process for drafting, editing and submitting a short story. Why? Do I think this will add value to what other writers are doing? Do I think I'm the best person to provide this advice? No and no. I'm partly interested … Continue reading Still Unresolved Sexual Tension


Back from a weekend of sci-fi / fantasy literature panels at ConDFW. It seemed a little smaller this year though that may have been due to the new venue. There was gaming, costumes, and a fairly solid line-up of panels that focused on topics ranging from story pacing to creating new cultures. My head expanded … Continue reading ConDFW XII