For the Love of Readers Everywhere

Hire an editor. I wouldn't dream of doing this without a paid professional making sure all my words are in top notch condition. I've had probably two dozen sets of eyes look over this story, many more qualified than mine. I've been through it countless times myself. I know there are things I missed. If you … Continue reading For the Love of Readers Everywhere

Rejection Numero Uno

I recently received a rejection in response to a query for my novel, Collateral Damage. I've been collecting them for short stories for a while, but this one is my first for the novel. It's oddly satisfying. At this stage, I've only begun the journey, so it feels a bit like the first awkward, necessary … Continue reading Rejection Numero Uno

Writing for Other People

Writers can be an egotistical lot. We write what we want to see written. We jot down the stories in our head that sound so irresistibly cool to us. We often (always?) think we're writing the best damn thing ever. Then we have to share it with other people - crit groups, family, friends, co-workers, you name it. … Continue reading Writing for Other People