Why can’t we Duct Tape the Nuke Trigger?

Fencon, a local sci-fi and fantasy convention is write around the corner (Wow. Yes, I did just right that). I attended last year and even signed up for the workshop with Karl Schroeder. Somewhere, buried in the posts, there are even a couple blurbs about my experience. Good con, good workshop and I walked away … Continue reading Why can’t we Duct Tape the Nuke Trigger?

FenCon Wrap-Up (Actually, this is all about me…)

So, I'm not the best FenCon reporter. I was mainly there for the writing stuff. I'm pretty new to the con scene, despite having been active in geeky counter-culture stuff for decades. I've always had this "anti-fanboy" gene for some reason. There are lots of things I like and appreciate on an artistic level, but I have … Continue reading FenCon Wrap-Up (Actually, this is all about me…)

FenCon Update

Back from my first day at FenCon. Yeah, had to end things early due to other obligations, and honestly, there wasn't a whole lot of great programming today. My main reason for being there is the Writer's Workshop lectures with Karl Schroeder. Karl is a pretty big name in Sci-Fi circles. He's maybe "The" Canadian … Continue reading FenCon Update