Wookies and Vibrators

Another weekend, another game night. A friend of mine enjoys hosting board game extravaganzas. He'll invite everyone he knows to a board game night in hopes of playing DJ at some kind of Mountain Dew fueled rave where everyone's slinging card-stock and polyhedrals until the wee hours. At times, he's drawn crowds big enough he … Continue reading Wookies and Vibrators

The Short Bus to Hell

I spent a night last week hanging with some truly shady characters. Spies. Betrayers even. Well, except the kids with ass cancer. They weren't all that bad. As you might have guessed, the evening started out with a round of Cards Against Humanity. If you've never played, the title pretty well sums it up. This is … Continue reading The Short Bus to Hell

No, not That Turkey

Like everyone else from coast to coast, I was busy last week stuffing my face with food. Turkey, dressing, ham, pie, some kind of green, squirmy, jello-thing. Whatever was set before me, I ate. Unless it had green beans. My mom makes this casserole which apparently people that like green beans think is really amazing. … Continue reading No, not That Turkey

For the Old Souls and the Young at Heart

Last night I got the chance to get back to my roots. I headed out to the Sci Fi Factory and jumped into an ongoing Pathfinder game. Okay, I was there to promote the signing this Saturday, but when in Freeport... I've been pretty critical of Dungeons and Dragons lately. In blog posts, on message … Continue reading For the Old Souls and the Young at Heart

Riches to Ruins in Five Hours

This last weekend I broke away from all the self promotion so I could get my boardgame on. Our appetizer for the evening was Machi Koro, a light, city-building card game with an element of randomness thrown in via two six-siders. You build your city by paying for cards which represent different industries. Each card has a … Continue reading Riches to Ruins in Five Hours

Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Okay everyone, squeeze in. Yes, Mikey, I'm aware Great Grandpa Gary is wrinkly and smells like cheese, but you have to be in the picture. What's that, Grandma Ada? Something in your eye? Okay, I can wait. Oh, c'mon, not the botched spine surgery story again, Uncle Cook! Can't you just stand for one second. Mikey, … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Family Reunion

Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay

Lots of geekery as of late. Last weekend it was the renn faire. There, I saw a landing party that was either really far off course or had slingshot around the sun and travelled back in time. Either way, interesting to see some trekkies wandering the streets of Scarborough. One of these days, I'll break … Continue reading Of Dopplegangers and Roleplay