Living Free Means Hard Work

*Another update in my personal saga as I search for a means to commit mobile fiction. It's been a busy few months and, yes, my writing has slowed but not to worry - I'll be back on track soon. Eric and Spencer keep chatting in the back of my mind and my work in progress … Continue reading Living Free Means Hard Work

Giving It All Away Without Getting Scammed

A few weeks ago I wrote about scaling down our lives for our coming adventure. Decades of living "large" has presented the biggest challenge to moving into our new motor home. Whether through online listings, gifts to friends and relatives, or donations to charitable causes, the logistics of getting rid of all the extra stuff … Continue reading Giving It All Away Without Getting Scammed

Giving It All Away

Of all the preparation which comes with moving into a 40 foot by 12 foot box on wheels, the toughest thing is making it all fit.   We've been homeowners since 1998. Our first house was a modest (by Texas standards) 1200 square foot, single story home built in the late sixties. Five years later, … Continue reading Giving It All Away