Three, the Magic Number

Third time's a charm. That's what everyone says. It probably has its roots in a pagan, numerological thing which means it's both bullshit and also true on some odd, universal level. Sometimes, I make similar, seemingly profound statements and then go on to completely ignore them. (Well, maybe often.)  I compared short fiction and novels … Continue reading Three, the Magic Number

Getting Submissive with Duotrope

As mentioned last time, I created a rough draft for the Unresolved Sexual Tension theme, completed a first pass and was on to my next step: Critique Group. So, I sat down with my crit group last night and passed around my short (almost flash fiction) story. They loved it. That is, if it were … Continue reading Getting Submissive with Duotrope

Still Unresolved Sexual Tension

This is a continuation of last week's post. I'm going step by step through my typical process for drafting, editing and submitting a short story. Why? Do I think this will add value to what other writers are doing? Do I think I'm the best person to provide this advice? No and no. I'm partly interested … Continue reading Still Unresolved Sexual Tension