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To help introduce you to my fantasy and sci-fi worlds, I’m running a special offer. For a limited time you can receive the entire Stormblade Saga for 30% off the price of each individual book. And while you’re at the store, don’t forget to stock up on Crimson Son before the sequel comes out this summer!

The gods have passed judgment. The Age of Man nears an end. An outcast and a bugman slave are the realm’s only hope.

Sidge, a pious orphan, must unravel a lost past to understand the will of the gods. But first, he needs humanity to see him as more than a bugman slave. Kaaliya is everything Sidge isn’t. An outcast successfully masquerading as a courtesan, her confidence and curiosity know no bounds. Their destinies intertwined, Sidge and Kaaliya must work together over impossible gulfs of time, reality, and society to avert a disaster begun in a once Timeless Age.


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Can the powerless son of the world’s strongest superhero do what his father couldn’t?

Locked away in the Icehole, the powerless son of the world’s greatest superhero tries to find a way to escape his father’s shadow. Haunted by a tragic past and pursued by a ruthless supervillain, Spencer must navigate a world of weaponized humans and deadly robots to prove himself and uncover his mother’s fate.

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