To My Legions of Fans

We’ll get back to the regular programming in about a week or so. Sorry for the hiatus but I’m on a “writing retreat” of sorts. If you’re new, hang in there. Next post about Time Travel stories that work will be fun. (And necessary – my writing critique group gave me blank stares when I mentioned “Joe Haldeman“…this must be corrected ASAP.)

For now, I just wanted to thank my legion of fans that have come from somewhere deep within the internet hive mind. Your comments regarding my posts are most welcome, and I do not intend to offend by failing to immediately approve these gems. The nuances of your native tongue may confuse my less educated readers however, so I am forced to file them away until a suitable translator is available.

Someday, people will understand your wisdom, follow your links and brave the virus ridden wilds of the ‘net to hear your clarion…or well, cacophonous call.

For now, “Nyiqisvttmjoupo, qzoedcbyod” to you my dear fans. Nyiqisvttmjoupo, qzoedcbyod to you.


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2 replies

  1. Damnit Linton, did you roll your face across the keyboard again? What if I arbitrarily decide that “Nyiqisvttmjoupo, qzoedcbyod” is vulgar in my language? You’re a potty mouth. My delicate sensibilities and paradigm have been injured by your obscenity.

    Hey, how many are in your “legions” so far? Just curious.

    • My legions are vast! Most are ESL or even AIL (Artificially Intelligent Language) so I don’t post their comments for fear of someone hating on them. But “Nyiqisvttmjoupo” was awesome so I had to share these thoughts with the world!

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