Alliance Airshow 2012

A photography update tonight: back from a chilly day at the airshow with a few pictures! Check ’em out!

The Canadian Snowbirds must have brought the weather. They did some excellent large formations, but honestly, the F-18 that followed their performance blew them away. The agility of something that big was astounding and an engine roar you can feel rattling your chest as it (well, AFTER) it blasts by you, was awe inspiring.

USAF Thunderbirds took forever to get moving – was like a 20 minute ceremony we had to watch as they suited up and got in their planes. That would have been ok if they hadn’t taxied to the end of the runway and figured out one of the planes wasn’t airworthy and had to switch out for a backup. It was a while before we knew and we couldn’t see the far end of the runway. I figured they had to do their 20 minute standing there staring at each other, suiting up, saluting routine all over again as part of some sort of AF regulations.

Their performance was decent. I’m giving them the edge over the Canadians because they played stuff like AC/DC’s Thunderstruck and the Canucks flew their jets to, ummm Adele. Love Adele, but for aerobatics? Uh, no.

With the heavy cloud cover, I imagine they all had to alter the routines a bit too. Weather aside,  it was fun and the VIP seats are the way to go. So worth the money as you get upgraded parking and a fast lane to the exit, ahead of the thousands of other cars.


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