For a few hours on Tuesday night, my site was hijacked. The template was all messed up and across the top of the screen was a banner saying “your Internet Explorer version is out of date” or some nonsense. (It said this when I used Chrome. It said this when I used Firefox. My not so subtle tip that something very fishy was going on. This also happened about twenty minutes before I was going to leave for my crit group.

I spent the next two hours going back and forth with tech support and deleting suspicious folders and corrupted files from my web server. Good times.

So, if you clicked on ANY links on this page while it looked like that,  I’d highly recommend running a virus scan. Cause, well, I got infected while working to clean things up.

At least I think that’s when it happened. Anyway, two days later, a folder full of malware tools, a few AV scans and a real jury-rigged Windows “upgrade” install (on a machine that wasn’t upgrading) and I’m back and functioning.

Bad news from all this – I missed my deadline.

Collateral Damage was supposed to be  first draft complete as of yesterday, the end of January. Right now, I have one to two more scenes to write. I’m at 92k out of a planned 80k, so it’s plenty beefy, I just need to wrap things up nice and neat in a not so nice and neat tale.

Next week, before my next crit group on Tuesday I WILL have it done.

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