Find Your Way Home

I’m going to try to keep this short. I wanted to write a post lamenting the loss of a holiday, or well, holidays in general. But that’s been done to death with zero results.

I have no agenda, no intent to convert or judge, no blind patriotism or idealistic promises. But I feel we, as a society, are at a crossroads between tradition and a strong desire to break the mold and forge on with a new tomorrow. We’ve let empty things fill that vacuum because we’re too comfortable and too lazy to seek out the right thing, whatever it may be.

Whatever you may think of this time of year, use it to do exactly that – think. Reflect on who you are, where you came from, what you want to become. Tune out the distractions, the naysayers, find your roots and follow them up to the greenest buds. Gather with your family, friends, whoever they are  and however you may meet – today those people are only a few digital packets away. Figure out not only who you are but what these people mean to you and how you can share that with the rest of the world. Do that and embark on your own journey.

Every heroic journey needs a home to return to, whether you stagger back victorious or broken. If you don’t have such a place – find it. Make that your quest. It’s out there. Find it and return to it year after year. For succor, for encouragement, and to share that magic thing which only you can share. If we each do that, we’re one step closer to puzzling out where we are all headed together.

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