Cue the Fireworks

Exciting news for which I promised fireworks and fanfare in a previous post. (So I DID have fireworks, but the GIF may have been triggering some AV alerts so I deleted it…) Next week, on May 22, I’ll unveil the official cover* for my debut superhero novel, Crimson Son. But wait! There’s MORE. On June 5th, I’ll post the first chapter here on the site for free download. Stay tuned and if you haven’t already, subscribe to my blog!

If you don’t want to hear my ramblings, I’m fine with that of course. I’ve also started a mailing list where you can sign up to be notified every time I have a new release. No blog updates and no tweets or twits or Facebook musings – simply a single email when a new book is available. You can sign up here.

The good and bad news seems to come in bursts as a writer. Actually, if you count rejections, the bad news is really a constant flow until you’re well-established. Of course, I’m speaking about rejections. Rejections are a sign of an active writer and aren’t necessarily “bad”, but they can be a downer no matter how long you’ve been at this.

Defying those odds, at the moment I have three stories that are short-listed for various publications. One of those notices came this week and it could be a big deal for little ol’ me so keep your fingers crossed. I also received a request for a story from the staff at the World Fantasy Convention for inclusion in their member’s collection. I’ll be attending this year’s convention in D.C., a city I’m relatively familiar with but have yet to visit for anything other than business. At least this time, it’s for Fictional Work.

*When I mention new cover art, I get quite a few questions about Johnny Morrow’s kick ass abduction scene now prominently displayed on my main page. Most people figure that’s the cover. Actually, I never intended it to be more than a promotional piece and it has drawn, and keeps drawing a good deal of attention to my site and the book. For the cover art, I found a well-respected design shop with a good history of creating covers that draw in readers and look good at the tiny online retailer thumbnail sizes. For the promo piece though, I wanted a potential poster scene suited for larger format. Regardless, I know you’ll love both and I’m looking forward to the reveal.

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