Dead Tree Giveaway


Crimson Son giveaway coming soon to Goodreads…

Pssst. You.

Yeah, you. The one that’s quietly clicking around my site.

Here’s the deal – if you hadn’t heard, I’ve got a book out. If you have heard, well, why haven’t you bought it already? Needed the $3.99 for your Mocha Frapp? Don’t have an eReader? Paperbacks cost way too much nowadays? Like, say, not much more than a movie ticket where you sit and fight biological functions for three hours while someone blinds you with their cellphone?

Fine, so you have your priorities. But I know you aren’t one of the people who has seen this book in the pulp. Because if you had, you’d have already bought your portable, superhero tale of awesomeness which, at your discretion, can be read WHILE seeing to your, ummm, necessities.

Sure, the eBook is outselling Crimson Son‘s dead tree version by three to one. I’m cool with that. Digital media is the future and more trees isn’t a bad thing. But this book, as horrified as say Groot or Treebeard might be at the methods of creation, looks AMAZING.

And I want to give one to you for FREE.

Keep an eye on my site and over at Goodreads for details.

Other news for Crimson Son

I’ve got an upcoming blog tour which will also include prizes and all you would ever want to know about me, Crimson Son, and a glimpse at my future writing plans. Still aren’t convinced this operation is legit? Buckle up for Free Fiction Fridays where I’ll post a yarn or two right here each month for your reading pleasure.

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