A Word of Thanks and the Latest Review for Crimson Son

Crimson Son artwork by Johnny Morrow

Artwork depicts a scene from Crimson Son, debut novel of author, Russ Linton

I wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone who is participating in the GoodReads Giveaway. As of today, 212 people have entered and I’ve had close to 100 people add the book to their “to-read” list. Had I known it was going to get so much attention, I would have offered more copies to give everyone a better chance of winning.

Again, thanks so much! And there is still plenty of time to enter if you, or someone you think might enjoy Crimson Son, hasn’t yet – check the link in the sidebar ——>

If you are on GoodReads, feel free to leave a rating and a review if you’ve already read Crimson Son. Out of all the experiences for this Fictional Work gig, I most like hearing from my readers. Things you liked, constructive criticism, lay it on me. I’ll always have my own style and it may not work for everyone, but I’m also always looking for ways to hone my craft and give my readers the best experience possible.

Over the weekend another nice review came out at GeeklyReviews. They especially enjoyed the villain POV sections and the fresh spin on a superhero story antagonist.

The narrative of ‘Crimson Son’ is wonderful, and it immediately makes you root for the main character, as well as understand him.

It always thrills me when people understand and can get into the headspace of a fictional character I’ve created from stringing a bunch of words together. It lets me know I’m not completely bonkers.

On the horizon for Crimson Son (see what I did there?), I’ll be going on a blog tour starting in early September. Expect more chances to win a signed copy and other prizes. I hope to get a chance to discuss my upcoming novel as well which will be completed before the end of the year. First Song is closer to traditional fantasy, with a twist that involves yet another hopefully interesting, and unique, voice.

Now, back to Monday and working on the book I just mentioned so that it actually is finished before year’s end…

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