News from the HAZMAT Tent

Over the weekend I attended #Fencon as a fan, maybe for the last time. Not that I won’t go back – it was great fun and I got to catch up with old friends and make new ones – but next time I’ll be on the other side of the table. Signing, selling, maybe a panel, who knows?

My efforts at pimping Crimson Son were rewarded with not only some great new connections and opportunities but also a horrific bout of Con Plague.

No, this is not Con Crud. “Crud” is entirely insufficient a descriptor. My stomach was so terribly cramped that when I finally popped, I spent several minutes soaking in a bathtub, rocking back and forth saying, “thank you Baby Jesus.”

And Baby Jesus said, “Wait, you’re not on my speed dial. How about I give you something else to think about?” Then my head expanded the next morning and I lay around in a pool of sweat for a day or so.

Assuming the carrier survived, I’m going to hunt him down and kick his ass for this Plague. With gloves on. And a face shield. And that teal-colored body condom thing.

So I really need your help.

No, not medically. And no, not to track down the unfortunate soul that gave me whatever the hell that was. I need your help to spread the virus that is Crimson Son. You can do this in a couple different ways:

Shake a hand. Spray some words – “Crimson” and “Son” in that order – and hide the sanitizer.

Or head over to Amazon or Goodreads, or wherever you geek about books, and leave a rating and review. (That is if you’ve read the book.) Nothing overly long or complicated is necessary. Just a few sentences about what you liked (or didn’t like) is fine.

Look, I’ll face down whatever weaponized geek-slaying infection I need to in order to make this book succeed. I’ll be fearlessly wading into even more mortal danger with appearances at next year’s #ConDFW and #Comicpalooza. I’m lining up local signings before the holidays hit. Plus I’ll be hitting a bunch of blogs leading up to Christmas all so you can get to know little ‘ol me and my book. (Yes, even then, I’ll be dodging click-bait viruses as I spiral into the depths of the ‘net…)

In the meantime, until I shake this Con Plague off and sanitize my entire office with a gallon of bleach, I’ll be hunkered down here, writing and plotting a Crimson epidemic of my own.

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