Crimson Son Audiobook Released!

Yes, now you too can hear Spencer in your head.

I’ve been waiting several months to make that happen. And Mitchell Lucas, the narrator, does an exceptional job at bringing the snarky, annoying, yet lovable “kid” to life.

Well, maybe lovable is a bit strong of a word. He’s…he’s…special.

Finding the right voice was tricky. Even I wasn’t convinced at first. I listened to the first two chapters and wondered if I’d made the right casting decision. Then by the time I hit chapter three, I was engrossed by Mitchell’s performance. Before long, he’d replaced that voice in my imagination.

You will now hear exactly what I hear.

There will be no mercy.

In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the read. Even if you’ve purchased the print or eBook, I think the audio performance adds enough that it’s worth a listen. And if you haven’t yet gotten around to reading, you are now out of excuses – I paid someone to READ IT TO YOU.

Go forth and download.


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  1. Spencer in my head. Sounds like the title of another novel. 🙂 Congrats on the audio release!

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