Crimson Son Sale and a 15 Book Digital Grav Boot Stuffer!

Crimson SonEarlier this month I got the exciting news that Crimson Son had been selected for a BookBub feature. Most of you have probably heard of them – they have millions of subscribers – but for those not in the know, they are the premier place for book addicts to shop for deals. They only accept the best and are extremely picky about the quality of books they include because they want their subscribers to have absolute trust in their picks. Those picks now include Crimson Son!

Until the end of 2016, you too can experience a powerless kid’s attempt to fill some very big shoes for only .99 cents. Less than a dollar, you say? Nothing costs less than a dollar! Why yes, yes it does my intrepid readers. Until midnight December 31st, BAD ASS FICTION with superhumans, robots, and weaponized snark costs you less than a third of what you just paid for that grande gingerbread mocha with whip.


I’m sure all of you (ahem) have read Crimson Son, at least five times (and if so, spread some holiday gift giving love and leave an honest review here). But did I also mention you can get a sneak peek of Crimson Son‘s sequel FREE by signing up for my newsletter and getting the updated version of my short story collection, Empty Quiver?

A Merry Christmas, right?

Oh, I’m not done yet. Not even close.

I’ve also joined forces with fifteen indie sci-fi authors to offer a limited edition of Empty Quiver which comes with an exclusive high-res digital poster. Plus, every single one of those authors has kicked in free books of their own! It’s a sci-fi grav boot stuffer of cosmic proportions and it’s all FREE. Click here to check out the goods.

Who’s your Santa? Who’s your Santa? That’s right. Now go enjoy your grande mocha and a several months worth of fiction, on me.

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