Leaving Paradise

This week we’re embarking for new worlds in Discovery. We’ll be headed for the oldest city in the Federation to see how it has held up over the years. The Gulf Coast of Florida is a truly beautiful place and has been a gracious host for our crew. We’ve seen swamps, powdery beaches, and wandered pine forests so still and quiet, you might just forget about the alligators lurking in the water (highly disappointed not to have seen them or the elusive black bears).

As a winter escape, I can’t say enough about this secluded area. The added benefit is that your tourist dollars will be spent in places which are in desperate need. Volunteer opportunities exist, but much of the work now is in contracting and rebuilding, so cold hard cash doesn’t hurt.

For 2019, I’ve got ambitious writing goals – more books, new series, you name it. For now, I’m also hard at work putting the finishing touches on my new cyberpunk novel, Under the Flickering Light – which is now available for pre-order on Amazon! 


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