Crimson Son

How can a powerless kid confront his father's world of weaponized humans? Sample Chapter - Chapter One Available at:     Description: Nineteen-year-old Spencer Harrington is the son of the Crimson Mask, the world’s most powerful superhero. Since witnessing his mother’s abduction two years ago, he’s been confined to his father’s arctic bunker. When the “Icehole” comes … Continue reading Crimson Son

Uncanny Blog Tour Day One

Behold! The insanity between my ears! Savor! The increasingly convoluted answers to the question "why did you become a writer?" Feel! No, on second thought, please look but don't touch anything...keep your hands inside the car at all times. Amazing! Astonishing! Uncanny! I never quite got why comic books would throw fancy adjectives in front of their titles like … Continue reading Uncanny Blog Tour Day One

A Word of Thanks and the Latest Review for Crimson Son

I wanted to write a quick post to thank everyone who is participating in the GoodReads Giveaway. As of today, 212 people have entered and I've had close to 100 people add the book to their "to-read" list. Had I known it was going to get so much attention, I would have offered more copies to … Continue reading A Word of Thanks and the Latest Review for Crimson Son