Just Say No to Originality

Once again I find myself on the cutting edge of creativity and originality. Or, well, maybe just a few inches behind that edge. Possibly more. Like when I wrote a book about the nineteen year old son of a powerless superhero, shopped the manuscript around a bit, decided to go self pub and then Steelheart … Continue reading Just Say No to Originality

Does Bumgarner have Superpowers?

"Seriously, he's an Augment." Eric's got that Hunter Pence look in his eyes. "Bullshit." I rack my brain trying to remember all the faces we flipped through on his Conspirapedia database thing. Even the fact that I'm bothering to do that makes me wonder how sane I am. "He's not an Augment." "No, he is, … Continue reading Does Bumgarner have Superpowers?