Spencer doesn’t know the word “quit” why should I?

Johnny Morrow delivers a fantastic cover - again. This is what a kidney, section of your liver, and a quart of plasma will buy... Kidding, of course about the organ donations. When the Kickstarter fell short, I had to do what I always do and hustle my ass off to make this work. If you … Continue reading Spencer doesn’t know the word “quit” why should I?

Forge of the Jadugar – Cover Reveal!

No words, just bask in the glory. Thanks again to Jeff Brown for some amazing, amazing cover art. Release is set for June 2016. Still haven't met Sidge or explored the Attarah's Realm? Call on the mighty storm dragon Vasheru for a little Wisdom and check out Pilgrim of the Storm.

Pilgrim of the Storm – Cover Reveal

I have plans. Machinations. Mischief. I aim to misbehave. A little. As you can see, the next book is almost here. I pushed up my production deadline to test out a limited release and exercise some marketing mojo. The big release - with paperbacks and a spot on Amazon's shelves will happen early next year when … Continue reading Pilgrim of the Storm – Cover Reveal