Pilgrim of the Storm – Cover Reveal

pilgrim_of_the_storm_cover_webI have plans. Machinations. Mischief. I aim to misbehave.

A little.

As you can see, the next book is almost here. I pushed up my production deadline to test out a limited release and exercise some marketing mojo. The big release – with paperbacks and a spot on Amazon’s shelves will happen early next year when I finish book two (working title The Forge of the Jadugar – yep, that one is almost done as well.) For now, I want to test out the “other markets” and try to understand why it’s so damn hard to gain any traction outside the ‘Zon.

Pilgrim of the Storm is a very different book. Different from Crimson Son in tone, genre (whatever that means), and voice.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little nervous. Turns out, fans like consistency from their authors. I swear, I’m trying to do that but the voices in my head keep getting in the way.

Truthfully, this book is much like Crimson Son. An unlikely hero who struggles with personal demons, in this case relating to his identity, while finding himself in the middle of larger events.

Sidge is proper, soft spoken, and rarely curses. He is comfortable in his life at the start of the novel and the journey he embarks on only serves to unsettle a very precarious balance he didn’t know existed. But even though he’s vastly different from Spencer, he was born from my head so readers should find at least a sliver of familiar ground.

Well, he was sorta born from my head.

The base world was the result of a collaborative roleplaying session. The dragonfly-ish Ek’kiru was Benjamin Inn’s doing. The setting formed from a combination of wild ideas tossed around by myself, Ben, fellow crit group member Sam, and author, Alex Langley and his brother. They laid out the bones and I’m the one who dressed it in flesh and uttered the incantations.

It’s a good book. I think you’ll like it. Give me a few days to put on the final touches, you should see Pilgrim of the Storm at a few major retailers very soon.

And don’t worry, if you couldn’t get enough of Spencer (there’s gotta be some of you sadists out there), I’ve got plans for him too…

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  1. The cover looks great! I’m looking forward to the release.

  2. The cover looks awesome and adds some depth! We cannot wait for the release!

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