Fat Man and Little Boy

Another one from my short story collection, Empty Quiver. The gritty superhero world of Crimson Son is dark here as I continue to critique our notions of heroism and examine the human shortcomings of those we bestow that name upon. I often worry my work is misunderstood. That instead of asking people to critique the darker sides of society, they believe I'm celebrating it. Nuance seems to be a thing lost to humanity lately. As always, I'll let you decide.


This was one of my earliest publications with another disappeared venue, Writer’s Haven. I haven't saved the best for last, more an indicator of how far I've come on this journey. This was a story inspired by a comment from my wife's grandfather. Brief, slightly mysterious, it goes for a slow revelation I have yet to master. And if you squint real close, you'll see Hurricane and Hound...