DFW Con Review and a Wake Up Call

I had a wonderful time at DFWCon this year. I encourage every writer to attend this conference whether you are local to Dallas Fort Worth or not. Classes, networking and pitch sessions with agents all combined in possibly the most friendly and supportive atmosphere you can imagine. This year, industry giants Donald Maass and Jonathan Maberry … Continue reading DFW Con Review and a Wake Up Call

Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path

The talented poet, writer and teacher Angélique Jamail, sent me a list of questions to answer - questions about myself. Why anyone would want to know more about me is a bit surprising, but apparently people hop from blog to blog ferreting out interest factoids about people. My short answer is - I write, and write some … Continue reading Blog Tour – Off the Beaten Path

Proper Care of Your Inner Writer

It's finally finished. Done. Complete. Shoveled, tamped, screed (I learned new words even during manual labor), placed, jointed, treated and sealed. Our backyard oasis is online after a month of hauling material back and forth from the local home improvement stores and assuring my bank that no, my credit card had not been stolen by … Continue reading Proper Care of Your Inner Writer

Precarious Perch now Available!

My first published story - it's a Weird West tale about a Marshal that gets a bit more than he has bargained for when a young boy is revealed to be a child of the Other. Available in text AND audio from the awesome folks at Wily Writers! http://www.wilywriters.com/blog/the-precarious-perch-of-lookout-county-by-russell-linton/