More Bumps in the Road

My once established daily schedule just hit a few potholes. We’re fast approaching our departure from the ridiculously beautiful Oregon coast. Next week, I’ll need to be at the helm again setting off for parts unknown.

Due to launch preparations and an actual paying writing gig (these things apparently exist), I’ve been pressed for time. I completely spaced and missed my normal Tuesday free fiction post. Right now, I’m subbing articles to Medium. My latest includes a response to Cory Doctorow’s thought-provoking article about the “Unimaginable Future.”

And I’m also working on recalibrating the dilithium chambers on Discovery, wrapping up my maintenance gig with the Forest Service, mulling over my fiction catalog, and reviewing contest submissions for a well-known publishing gig.

Oh, and there’s my online DnD campaign started at the onset of the pandemic. For the first time ever, I’ve managed to run PCs from 1st to 17th level with 20 our goal. That’s been a hell of a ride and a minor miracle we’ve kept it going so long. Good laughs, great story, and fun times all around.

So, yeah, too many pans in the fire…or too many browser tabs open…however you want to dress up that old saying.

I recently received the first pass of edits for my story, Operation Joyrider, soon to appear in Cohesion’s Press’ Holy War anthology. My contribution is a near-future military sci-fi tale set on the edge of a techno-apocalypse. A great read, I’ve been told, with a “killer” opening line.

What’s next? Once the Forest Service gig wraps up, I’ll have more time to devote to these other projects. But while I love creating fiction, I’m on the hunt for a more permanent writing/editing gig and can’t say when that will become a priority.

We stopped at an occult-themed shop in Newport, and I immediately slipped into drafting for Ace Grant. I know, I placed the series on an indefinite suspension, but the characters and story don’t seem to want to leave my mind.

I hear Eric and Spencer too somedays. They’re arguing about the direction of Force Zero (and likely still arguing about the name – a whole schtick I’m pretty convinced Netflix’s Umbrella Academy borrowed, along with the exact same freaking name…I don’t believe any of that was in the graphic novel.) I don’t yet know what direction they’d take their fledgling superhero squad. My guess? A low place. Full of misfits and mayhem.

No new voices yet – I haven’t had the time to socialize with my inner selves.

What? You don’t do that? Hmm. Maybe we should keep this between the two of us.

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