A Visit to the NPC Factory

We’ve left the mysterious streets and cobblestone lanes of Providence behind for the pleasant weather out on Cape Cod. We’re actually on the Plymouth side of the Cape Cod Canal. One heavily backed up bridge away from the cape itself…. Read More ›

Author News – Project(s) Update

Over these past many months it must look like I’ve been up to, well, nothing much. Things probably appear pretty dead here at the site and on my new release notices.

I’ve backed off promoting my backlist. My last series, I made the tough decision to prematurely end. That hit the shelves way back in 2019. October 2021 was my most recent short story sale…

I mean, I could understand why somebody might think I’ve stopped slinging ink for good…

A Woeful Abomination

We resolved to continue our journey for we could think of no better backdrop for our grim destination. Our first stop, a cemetery where we would view the final resting place of the master of cosmic horror and dread, Howard Phillips Lovecraft…

News from the Rhode

Come on, we all love puns. Write? Okay, apologies for that one… Transitioning back into nomad mode hasn’t been as rough as I worried it might be. I’ll be the first to admit I was uncertain. COVID really altered the… Read More ›

Spring? In the White Mountains?

In my last post, I mentioned preparing to get our nomad life up and running once again. Well, last weekend we completed the move out of our colonial sanctuary and are finally back in our primary residence, the wheeled adventure lodge known as Discovery.

Confused yet?

Ready to Hit the Trails…

We’ve survived.

If you recall, us southerners purchased a property up north. Far north. About as far as you can go before we have to change citizenship.

As the timing would have it, we ended up spending the winter here too. Lots of cozy days and nights spent by the wood stove. Even a brief dip down to wind chills of -27…

Breaking the Links

But what these broken links remind me of is that every part of life is a journey. We’re always being asked to pick a direction. And sometimes those decisions require a clean break from the past…